New Portable 1TB 2TB SSD 4TB 16TB External Hard Drive Type-C USB 3.0


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1. Fast transmission speed, startup time of a few seconds, can shorten the startup time and quickly load applications.

2. The SSD storage stack can make full use of the memory erasing function to extend the service life and reduce the risk of damage.

3. Shockproof, durable and extremely reliable solid state drives represent the absolute best quality in this field.

4. 7mm plastic shell, easy to install in desktop laptop.

5. With high read and write speed. Up to 540MB/sec (performance varies with different device configurations)

6. Before using it, please right-click “My Computer-Management-Device Manager-CD Drive”, and then you can find our SSD. Format and partition.

Product parameter:

Name: 2.5 inch desktop solid state drive

Color: Black/Red/Blue/Silver/Gold

Transmission read and write speed: 300-540MB/sec

Size: 100*70*7mm

Applicable: desktop computers, notebook computers, microcomputers, all-in-one computers and other commercial .

Special reminder: 16tb models need to be customized in advance! Please contact us



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Mainland China


about 500m/s


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