Quad Rows 4 – 44 Inch LED Bar


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12 inch combo12 inch spot17 inch combo17 inch with wire20 inch combo20 inch with wire22.6 inch combo22.6 inch with wire28 inch combo28 inch with wire2pcs 4 inch spot2pcs 7 inch spot36 inch combo36 inch with wire4 inch spot44 inch combo44 inch with wire7 inch spot
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3X Brightness LED Chips

Delivers both huge distance and a massive flood
High luminous flux and perfectly match optical properties
The customized LED chips, brighter and much more expensive.

Amazing Range

Bringing the best of spot + flood, shooting an amazing hundreds of meters in distance and dozens of meters each side of the vehicle in flood beam.

Improved Cooling and Durable

The boards are built into a durable cast-aluminum housing with built-in heat sinks and durable. And more heat sinks for improved cooling and durable.

100% Waterproof, Completely Dust Tight

Custom molded seal helps ensures 100% waterproof.
Bolts placed every 6cm for a positively sealed enclosure.
Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.

Excellent Combination of Light Range and Area Coverage

Give your off-road platform of choice bright, white light with all the range, width, and intensity.

Key Features:

Oversized heatsink: helps LEDs remain cooler and brighter
Rubber seal: custom molded seal helps ensures 100% waterproofness
Ultimate reliability: Design ensures that dmage to part of the light will not cause total failure
Long useful life: 100 lumen per watt LEDs with over 50,000 hours useful life
IP67 ingress rating: protected against complete, continuous submersion in water as well as high-pressure water jets
Uses less power: Patented hybrid reflector lens achieves 94% efficiency
Shatterproof lens: Lexan polycarbonate lens is unbreakable, abrasion-resistant and optically clear
Positively sealed light enclosure: bolts placed every 6cm for a positively sealed enclosure.
4 – 44 inch combo beam, 130 – 150° flood beam + 30° spot beam

The Actual Power:

4 inch LED bar: 12W (others mark 24*3w)
7 inch LED bar: 30W (others mark 48*3w)
12 inch LED bar: 70.8W (others mark 80*3w)
17 inch LED bar: 78W (others mark 140*3w)
20 inch LED bar: 90W (others mark 160*3w)
22 inch LED bar: 99.6W (others mark 180*3w)
28 inch LED bar: 110.4W (others mark 220*3w)
44 inch LED bar: 150W (others mark 360*3w)



Additional information

Brand Name





Light Bar


Quad Row



Color Temperature



actual power lower than rated power

Working Temperature

-40~85 degree Celsius

External Testing Certification


Beam Angle



Spot 30 Degree / Flood 60 Degree / Combo Beam



Ingress Protection



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